How to find the nearest gas station on Google Maps

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Google Maps has made our lives easier by allowing us to find something nearby. You can find anything on Google Maps, from nearby gas stations to restaurants serving your favorite cuisine. Keep reading to find out how to find your nearest Google Maps gas station. As a result, maps have become much more resourceful and provide quick access to any place. One place where Google maps is very useful is at gas stations. Google has developed special options to quickly find these points with a simple click of a button. In this article, we will explain how to find the nearest gas station on Google Maps and use OK Google directions to the nearest gas station.

How to find the nearest gas station on Google Maps

You will learn how to find the nearest gas station on Google Maps later in this article. Keep reading to find out more about this.

How to find the nearest gas station on Google Maps?

This feature of Google Maps is unknown to many people. The nearest gas station is easy to find on Google Maps. This is how you can find the nearest gas station and the procedure is almost the same on Android and iOS devices:

Note. Make sure Location Services (GPS) is turned on. This allows Google to determine your location and nearby stores that offer relevant products.

1. Open Google Maps app on your phone.

2. Click on Petrol (or Gas) at the top to display gas stations in your area.

Note. Depending on where you are, you may see “Gas” written on it. It is also known as gasoline or gas in Western countries.

3. Click on the desired results to get more information about the gas station. They consist of addresses, websites (if any), images, contact information and testimonials in addition to opening times.

4. Click More Filters to see more sorting options such as distance and working hours.

Note. The results can also be filtered in any way you like. You’ll find options such as Relevance, Open Now, Visited, Not Visited, and More Filters in the aforementioned menu options.

How to check another nearest gas station Google Maps?

Let’s look at some ways to see another nearby Google Maps gas station.

Method 1: Use Red Pins

When you click on the red pin, detailed information about another nearby Google Maps gas station is displayed in front of you, including:

  • Have you visited this gas station or not?
  • Contact or phone number
  • Official opening hours
  • Address of a gas station or gas station
  • Official site
  • Reviews
  • Save
  • A photo

Method 2: List view

There is another way to see search results and find the nearest gas station on Google Maps. You can use the View List option. With this option, the results are easier to view. You can click on the options you are interested in and you will get all the important information about refueling.

How can I find Google Maps gas stations near me using the website?

Google Maps the website is also very helpful through which you can find anything. You just have to open the website and either click on the “Gas Station” option or just type “Gas Station” in the search bar to see all the Google Maps gas station options near me. You will get a list of all nearby gas stations on the left, as well as gas stations marked with a red fuel icon on the map.

How to find the nearest gas station without Google Maps?

Perhaps the Google Maps app is not working or needs to be updated, but you don’t have enough time to do so. In this case, go to the Google Search Page and look for a gas station near me. Immediately, Google will display a list of nearby gas stations.

How to find the nearest gas station through OK Google?

With this feature, you can use your voice to perform tasks such as searching, getting directions, and setting reminders. To find the nearest gas station in your area, follow these instructions:

Note. Be sure to turn on the “Ok Google” feature on your phone before following the steps below. For that, read and follow our guide on how to enable OK Google on Android phone to learn the procedure step by step.

1. After turning on the Google voice feature, say “Ok Google” on your phone’s home screen. The Google Assistant will be activated.

2. Then say OK Google, directions to the nearest gas station into your phone’s microphone.

3. Google will give you a list of gas stations nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How to find gas stations on Google Maps?

Answer The process is very simple to find the nearest gas station on Google Maps. Just open the Google Maps app and click on gas or petrol to see the nearest gas station. Although you can follow the article above and the steps mentioned to find a gas station.

Q2. Does Google Maps take gas stations into account?

Answer Yes, you can also add stops on Google Maps to get a more accurate destination.

Q3. How accurate are gas prices on Google Maps?

Answer Gas prices are not updated in real time and this is a disadvantage of using Google Maps for gas prices. In some cases, an asterisk indicates that gas prices are older than 24 hours, which means they may not be accurate.

Q4. Is there an app to find gas stations along the highway?

Answer Yes. There are several different apps to help you find gas stations along your route. One of the popular applications is gas buddy. This application will help you find the gas stations closest to you and find out their current gas prices.

Q5. How to plan a route in the Google Maps app?

Answer To plan a route on Google Maps, you need to open the app and enter your start and end addresses. Google Maps will create a route for you that includes directions and estimated travel times. You can also check traffic conditions and public transport options on the map.


So, we hope you understand how to find the nearest gas station on Google Maps and use OK Google directions to the nearest gas station with detailed instructions. You can let us know about any questions or suggestions on any other topic that you would like us to write an article on. Leave them in the comments section below so we know.

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