Find Out Why Domain Name Is Important

Find Out Why Domain Name Is Important

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Through this article I will discuss with you what is a domain name? I will discuss above why domain name is important.

What is a domain name?

If you have ever started a blog you will have heard the term domain name. To put it simply and understandably, a domain name is the name or URL of your website.

Computers usually use an IP address to identify a website. But IP address ( is difficult for humans to recognize and hence this domain name should be human understandable.

Every website on the Internet has a domain name and no two websites have the same domain name. That means each website domain name is different or unique.

If you create a blog using free platforms, your domain name will come with an extension. For example, if you have created a website or blog in Blogger, your blog (URL) URL will have at the end.

There are many disadvantages of having such extensions at the end.

  • It may be difficult for the user to remember your domain name.
  • Search Engines also give more priority to custom domain.
  • Having a domain name gives you a brand name for yourself.

That’s why having a domain name for your website is very important.

How to choose & buy a domain name?

If you want to use any domain name, you have to register it first. Now let’s see how to select a domain name and how to register it.

How to choose a domain name?

When you choose a domain name make sure that it only contains letters and make sure that your domain name is simple, short and something that means something. It is better if the domain name does not contain more than three letters and numbers and special characters.

Examples of good domain names :


Bad Domain Name Examples


Importantly, tend to get Top Level Domain.

Examples of Top Level Domain Names :

.com, .in, .net, .org,

How to register a domain name?

After you have chosen a domain name, check if it is available. Because many people think like you, someone may have already registered that domain. So we can register only available Domains on our name.

This website is very useful for you to find out whether the domain you are looking for is available and also to give you domain name suggestions .

After choosing an available domain name like this you can register that domain in your name. There are many websites on the internet to register like this, among which websites like GoDaddy , BigRock , NameCheap are a little famous.

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