How Many Ways Can We Earn Through Blog?

How Many Ways Can We Earn Through Blog?

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If you have read my old articles then you know what blog and blogging is. If you haven’t read those articles click here and after reading them read this then you will understand better.

If you have read them before then you know that we can earn money from our blog, but in this article I will explain to you how many ways we can earn money from our blog. Why delay and let’s start.

Google Adsense

Most of you are familiar with Google Adsense. It can be said that this is a good way to earn money through our blog. Once your blog has good traffic you can earn good money through google adsense. Many bloggers are making thousands and even lakhs using it .

If you have written 15 to 20 posts with good content on your blog then you have applied for Adsense. They will review your blog and send you a mail within 1 or 2 weeks. If your site is approved then you can display ads on your blog.

Similarly, even if you get rejected, you can reapply by making some changes.

Affiliate Marketing

We can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing, but to be successful in this, you have to write articles with only buyers in mind.

For example, if you write a movie review and give an affiliate link, no one will buy it, even if a thousand people come, not a single one will click on your link and buy that item. Because what they want is not that thing, but that movie review.

But if you write a post about a washing machine, chances are that even one in 10 people who come to your blog will click on that link and buy that item. Even if you get few visitors to your blog through affiliate marketing, you will get good income.

How to join Affiliate Program?

If products related to your niche are available on Amazon, you can join the Amazon affiliate program and earn money by promoting that product with your affiliate link. Click here for complete details on Amazon affiliate commissions .

If your product is not on Amazon or if you want more than the commission given by Amazon. Go to Google and type affiliate program next to the product you are promoting and search. Then you will get affiliate networks related to that product, join it and promote the product with that link.

Best Affiliate Networks

You can also join the affiliate programs given above and promote the products you like

Selling Own Products

This is also a bit like affiliate marketing but in this you sell your own products. As mentioned above, even if you sell your own products, you need to target your buyers. Only then you will get good revenue. But this is not set for everyone, because not everyone has the products.

Selling Guest Post or Links

This may sound a bit new to you, but do you know that some bloggers or website owners earn money like this too. What do you all mean by backlinks? You know how important it is, that’s why many people pay money to get backlinks from popular blogs or websites with high domain rating. If your blog also has a good domain rating, you can also charge money like this.

Paid promotions or banners

If your blog gets good traffic you will also get paid promotions or sponsorships, similarly you can earn money by advertising on your blog. But to earn in this way, our blog should have good traffic as well as good name. Only then can it be earned in this way.

Choose whichever of the above suits you as your Main Monetisation method.

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