Online Learning Methodology in Dentistry

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Is online learning effective in dentistry?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to many new changes in every aspect across the globe. Amidst the upheaval of the pandemic, each department has developed its own way of using social media to engage themselves and the fraternity in their field of work. Online meetings, webinars, courses, etc. have become the new normal. Now that dental education is also coming online, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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3 Important Prerequisites for Online Dental Education:

  1. Electronic devices like smartphone, laptop / computer, headset / earphones.
  2. Excellent knowledge in using web based platforms and electronic devices.
  3. Seamless internet connection.

Advantages of Online Dental Education:

Global Connect:

Social media platforms have certainly helped dentists around the world get to know each other and exchange their knowledge through online dental education.

Exchange of ideas and resources:

Cases treated in different parts of the world in their medical/hospital setting are discussed due to the initiative of online dental webinar. Thus the exchange of knowledge is always welcome and useful for the future. A wide range of resources can be accessed from any part of the world.

Different Creative Teaching:

The fraternity in dental education, regardless of students or practitioners, benefits from a wide range of online talks. A variety of subjects, concepts and diverse topics help build knowledge.

Level playing field:

In an online environment, learners have a certain degree of anonymity. Discriminatory factors such as age, dress, physical appearance, disabilities, race and gender are often absent. Rather, the focus of attention is clearly on the content of the discussion.

Mixture of old and new generation:

Young, budding dentists benefit from lectures by the greats of dentistry. Especially, getting an online dental education is definitely helpful during times like pandemic.

Build a strong foundation in theory:

Instead of sitting idle, dentists can sharpen their theoretical knowledge through online dental education.


In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, online dental education has helped dentists who are ready to resume practice after the lockdown ends. Air purification, disinfection, patient and staff safety, personal protective equipment protocols were the main topics discussed by various experts. Online dental education has helped dentists face patients amid pandemics.

Disadvantages of Online Dental Education:

Access to equity and technology:

Lack of access for economic or logistical reasons would exclude otherwise eligible students from the course. This will be a significant problem in rural and socioeconomic groups.

Lack of essential knowledge in dealing with online environment:

Both students and facilitators must have minimal computer knowledge to function successfully in the online environment.

Absence of physical presence:

An online instructor can compensate for the lack of physical presence by creating a supportive environment in the virtual classroom. All students should feel comfortable to participate in the session. Failure to do this can alienate the audience from each other and from the instructor.

Practical Application:

Concepts learned in theory are of little use if they are not applied in practice.

Learning Needs:

Dentistry is based solely on the skill of the dentist. Dentists learn from treating patients. Theoretically, the implementation of any procedure is very important. But the real challenge is putting the knowledge into practice when the situation arises.

Theory provides only half of the required knowledge:

Budding dentists are not exposed to many clinical cases, so many clinical cases explained by leading dentists may not be fully understood. Half knowledge is always dangerous.

Paid Webinar:

One may feel that paying for a lecture without practical training is worth less.

So many options, confusing to choose the right one:

Many institutes, colleges, institutes are conducting online dental courses. As a result, many web pages are scheduled every day. Choosing the right one can be a dilemma.

Spending long hours in front of computers or smartphones:

Sitting for long periods of time in front of computers or smartphones can lead to physical fatigue, especially on the eyes.

Like two sides of a coin, everything comes with its own pros and cons. It is up to the individual to decide what benefits and choose wisely. ( Dental hospital in medavakkam ) For an online dental education program to be successful, content, facility, technology, and students or participants must be carefully considered and balanced, making full use of the design’s strengths while attempting to correct its weaknesses. Importantly, in the current crisis, we need to pave our way and find ways to improve knowledge.

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