Digital devices as learning tools for children with ADHD

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It is not difficult for most people to adopt digital methods for their learning strategy, this pandemic period has prompted everyone to face learning digitally on their own, but for parents, it has become difficult. Being a teacher in a school is not an easy task. Going digital has been the solution for schools to accommodate all students, however, it is within the parent’s ability to think of all the strategies that will best benefit their child. It is not easy for parents to make their children do homework. Parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) face special challenges. ( best igcse schools in chennai) Top International Schools in Chennai offers digital education to their students.

It is natural for us to worry about children whose attention and concentration are not strong, and being at home has many distracting situations, and sometimes children usually characterize it as a safe place without work and fun. While some may benefit from digital learning, others may find it too challenging. Children with ADHD may not find this new way of learning easy, another factor parents should worry about is whether their child is learning to maintain their attention span and control their behaviors. Some behaviors are targeted in the classroom but not so much observed at home.

According to research the following are some of the behaviors targeted for classroom observation:

Problems with distraction, being easily distracted, making careless mistakes or failing to complete tasks on time;

hyperactivity problems such as fidgeting, leaving assigned space, running around too much in class, or hitting a classmate;
impulsivity problems such as blurting out answers without being asked or interrupting the class;

More challenging behaviors, such as aggressive or severely disruptive behaviors, affect the class significantly.

These behaviors can be managed at school (igcse schools) and while children with special needs often identify with school as a place to behave and study, it is a change in environment if they do school activities at home rather than at school. Another advantage of being in school is that it gives the child opportunities for socialization, a skill that is usually aimed at school, where they are surrounded by peers of the same age, which helps to develop understanding, play and speech. But this is not the case for everyone, every child is different and tends to focus more when working alone without the distractions of being with peers.

Using digital as a learning tool for children with ADHD:

By using student interactive educational apps, apps that provide visual stimuli, in different colors, shapes, or sizes, can foster a child’s sustained attention.

Use distraction-free apps that limit access to certain web pages like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

First give them the first online activity you know they can do well; This will help them to be confident.

Online strategy games have time limits that help you focus more and be aware of time.

It is good for them to play brain exercises that help control impulsivity, such as matching games and memory games.

Games that help children with auditory therapy, such as phonics games or music games.

Even with digital learning, mixing learning styles is even better if the child works without a screen. Give them some screen time.

Apply the principles of video games to their teaching methods. The concept of “gamification” in education is very effective in motivating the child, especially if the child has some learning difficulties.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Learning:

The transition from face-to-face classes to online classes was sudden, and not everyone had enough time to prepare for the changes. Parents are now not only concerned about their work but also how they teach and manage their children. Digital learning is coming and now there are many teaching methods such as websites that teach children using educational games and videos that explain a particular subject. All this happened within a year and everyone had to adjust to the new normal. Like anything else, digital learning has both its advantages and disadvantages.

The use of technology is a great way to engage students in learning and connect with each other. Advantages of digital learning.,

  1. Advanced learning through online technologies follows the “anytime anywhere” principle. Customization and flexibility are key keywords when we think about digital learning.
  2. There are fewer distractions; Children with ADHD may find that doing schoolwork from home or having digital learning has fewer distractions than a physical school. A separate learning environment can be helpful and help them focus on what is most important.
  3. Working at their own pace One of the biggest advantages to online learning is the added ability to work at your own pace. If your child wants to work faster or needs a little more time and explanation while working, online learning may be a better fit for them.
  4. A new learning environment. Even a simple environmental change can do amazing things for an easily distracted or overstimulated child.
  5. One more at a time. This is a great advantage for many online learning platforms.

Also, digital learning has the following disadvantages.

(1) Less social time: A stable school experience provides a lot of social time. However, this is a problem that can be easily fixed. School isn’t the only time your child can be social. Scheduling social time throughout the week can help with this.

(2) Parents with multiple responsibilities: Parents find it difficult to learn to play an additional role in supervising their children’s education in addition to being parents. It is important to explore whether this new role as a teacher will improve or affect your relationship with your child.

(3) Less structure: Because some children are not in physical class every day, they have a hard time lacking structure to their days. Maybe they think they have free reign of their days, even though they actually have to do their homework on certain days. If this is something your child struggles with, setting up a structured learning environment and having a scheduled work time during the week can help them succeed.

(4) Internet Dependency: This is very common among children and parents can manage the way the child uses technology.

As a parent, be firm with the child, manage your expectations, and remember that your child is also transitioning to a new learning environment, and it may take time for them to get used to digital learning. Address the child’s struggles and behaviors to ensure they are well-rounded and accomplished. (igcse schools) international schools in chennai provide suitable training for students.

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