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The NFT game STEPN now has two so-called worlds – Solana and Binance Smart Chain. On May 24, the creators of the project announced the emergence of a new 3rd world in their official Twitter account.

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On June 23, STEPN’s collaboration with BAYC became known. This popular NFT collection is associated only with Ethereum. However, the creators are still keeping a secret what exactly the third world will be like and when it will appear in the game.

A week has passed since the news of the partnership with the famous monkeys, users are in anticipation and waiting for official information. Today STEPN lifted the veil of secrecy a little. So, what is the third world preparing for us?

Genesis sneakers

Owners of these sneakers will be able to receive a box of OG APE sneakers as a gift.

1 regular shoe → 1 regular OG APE box.

1 uncommon sneaker → 1 regular OG APE box + 2 regular mint scrolls.

1 rare sneaker → 1 uncommon OG APE box.

1 epic sneaker → 1 uncommon OG APE box + 10 regular mint scrolls.

BAYC Owners

From July 6th 10:00 AM PT until July 14th 10:00 AM PT, NFT owners from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection will have the opportunity to crumple an OG APE box for free on the new STEPN website. For each NFT, you can get one regular box of OG APE.

Double upgrade shoes

With the latest update, it became possible to burn 5 sneakers of the same rarity class, getting an NFT of a higher class.

At the same time, a temporary action is taking place, which ends a day before the appearance of the third world. Those users who, as a result of the synthesis, will receive sneakers two classes higher, will be able to receive a regular APE shoe box in the new world.


The next news is for those who rushed to burn their sneakers in the hope of getting a lucky ticket to the third world, but did not manage to run into a double improvement. STEPN will give away 2,000 boxes of sneakers to anyone who synthesized sneakers at the time of the event.

Important points:

  • only one box in one hand;
  • if you bought sneakers obtained as a result of synthesis, you do not participate;
  • but if you sold such sneakers, you can participate in the drawing.
OG BNB sneakers

The BNB network also has OG sneakers. They are assigned numbers 20,000 ~ 30,000. So the owners of such sneakers can claim to receive a regular APE shoe box for burning sneakers, even if they managed to upgrade only by one. Moreover, the action is combined with all others (except for the draw).

There is also one point that is worth paying attention to. If you bought a non-synthesized OG shoe and synthesized it, you can participate. But if you bought or sold synthesized sneakers, unfortunately, you will not be able to take part in this promotion.

The creators of STEPN concluded their announcement with a call to participate in a giveaway on Instagram and Twitter, where 12 lucky winners can win a box of sneakers by following a few simple conditions. We are waiting for further news and follow the project.

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