TOP 5 cryptocurrencies that are growing in price against the backdrop of a market fall in 2022

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In May 2022, many cryptocurrencies fell in price, forcing investors to reconsider their portfolio with digital assets. Indicative was the fall in the BTC rate, which more than doubled from $63,000. The TerraUSD stablecoin was unpleasantly surprised, having lost more than 80% in price in a short time, and the LUNA cryptocurrency associated with it completely sank to almost zero. But there are cryptocurrencies that, on the contrary, have increased in price. Below are the TOP 5 digital assets that have the prospect of growth even against the backdrop of a fall in the cryptocurrency market.

Maker (MKR) – 38.6%

One of the most interesting assets is the Maker cryptocurrency, which managed to increase in price by 38.6% against the backdrop of general chaos and a falling market. For comparison, on May 12, 2022, the cost of MKR was $988 per coin, and on the 17th, at the time of writing, it increased to $1668.

MKR is the governance token for the Maker DAO/Protocol protocols based on the Ethereum blockchain. They allow the issuance and management of DAI stablecoins. The project was conceived back in 2015, but it was only possible to implement it by the end of 2017. Cryptocurrency MKR plays the role of securities for the company, which do not generate income, but give the right to vote. Note that the Maker ecosystem has become a pioneer in the field of DeFi projects, which is one of the reasons for its value.

MKR is currently one of the most popular stablecoins. Its owners can participate in voting on the addition of new collateral assets, changing the risk and savings rate parameters of DAI, the choice of oracles, the renewal process, etc.

 Pros Maker:

  • project transparency;
  • automation;
  • access to recapitalization in case of shortage of money;
  • natural rate stabilization.


  • no restrictions on quantity;
  • no mining;
  • the complexity of the work for beginners;
  • underdeveloped recapitalization process.

Forecasts for Maker (MKR) remain positive amid the current situation. Despite the strong volatility, a bullish trend can be traced with the token rate. At the time of writing the review, the price of the cryptocurrency is at the level of $1668. By the end of the year, the price may reach $1800-2000 if the current trend continues. In the long term, you can count on an increase in price to $ 2500-3000.

Kadena (KDA) – 21.33%

Of no less interest is the KDA token, which, at the stage of the fall of the cryptocurrency market, has managed to grow by 21% over the past seven days. For comparison, on May 12, the price of Kadena was at $1.43, and five days later it increased to $3.18. The course has more than doubled, which intrigues investors and makes them pay attention to the coin.

Kadena is a PoW consensus blockchain technology based on Bitcoin and a directed DAG. The developers claim that the mentioned system is capable of protecting Bitcoin and has almost unlimited bandwidth. The latter allows the use of the token by large companies. The Kadena infrastructure is decentralized and highly scalable.

Recently, the Kadena network has increased the number of blockchains from 10 to 20 and may continue to do so. The latest change is the private layer 2 Kuro blockchain, supporting up to 8000 operations per second on 500 nodes. In the future, the technology allows scaling the system up to 100 blockchains or more.

The total number of coins is 1 billion. All tokens are used to pay commission and as a reward. The first batch of cryptocurrencies was distributed in 2018 and raised $2.25 million. At the second stage, it was possible to attract 12.9 million dollars. The cryptocurrency itself is used for settlements in the Kadena public network.

In the future, the company is building the following plans for the release:

  • 700 million tokens for 100 years or more;
  • 200 million shares of the platform – up to nine years;
  • 90 million – investors, depositors, reserve;
  • 10 million – burned during the release process.

Cryptocurrency KDA has a number of characteristic advantages:

  • improved scalability;
  • safety and ease of use;
  • the possibility of mining;
  • low fees;
  • cooperation with major blockchain platforms.

Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting the low popularity and relatively low capitalization.

The KDA digital asset showed unprecedented growth, which is especially important against the background of the fall of the cryptocurrency market and the depreciation of Bitcoin. As interest in NFTs and DeFi increases, so does the price. Judging by the forecasts, by the end of 2022, you can count on the exchange rate to rise to $4-6, in 2023 – to $6-10, etc. Much depends on the attention that will be paid to the development of the project and the popularity of supported technologies.

ZCash (ZEC) – 7.07%

The ZEC cryptocurrency has also shown good growth in the last seven days. The price of the token increased by 7.07% in a week and at the time of writing the review was $106.49. Interestingly, on May 12 the price was $70. Against this background, investors are increasingly adding Zcash to their cryptocurrency portfolio in the hope of further price growth.

ZEC is a decentralized token characterized by anonymity and privacy. It is based on ZK-SNARK technology, which allows nodes to verify transactions without disclosing the owner’s personal information. Unlike Bitcoin, the ZCash cryptocurrency can be used without the risk of being exposed. This is due to the fact that when conducting transactions, the addresses of sending / receiving or the transferred amount are not advertised.

A high degree of anonymity is the main advantage of ZEC compared to Ethereum or Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. However, you can use a secure or transparent method to send transactions. All information about the transactions carried out is available on the Web and can be verified by anyone.

The total number of ZEC tokens is 21 million, and new coins are formed as a block subsidy. The PoW SHA-256 hash option is used to secure the system. The current supply of tokens at the time of writing is 14.4 million.


  1. High level of privacy.
  2. Possibility of mining on simple equipment.
  3. Transaction speed.
  4. Positive upward trend.


  1. Risk of disclosure of information about transfers.
  2. The need for calculations to complete the transaction.
  3. The risk of hacking the system.
  4. Linux support with no plans to change this feature.

On May 17, the price of the cryptocurrency reached $106. If the trend continues, the ZEC rate may increase to $130-150 by the end of 2022. In 2023, the cost may increase to $170. At the same time, one cannot ignore the volatility of the ZEC token and the risk of a price decrease against the backdrop of a general fall in the cryptocurrency market.

Decentraland (MANA) – 5.58%

A good growth trend is shown by the MANA cryptocurrency, the cost of which at the time of the review reached $1.21. So, on May 12, 2022, the price was $0.68, and a few days later it doubled. Not surprisingly, investors became interested in a digital coin and thought about the possibility of buying it.

The Decentraland project is a virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. With its help, you can create, engage and receive income from content / programs. In this NFT-metaverse, you can buy land, and further develop them and put them up for sale.

The first ICO took place in 2017, when they managed to raise $24 million. At the same time, the beta version of the universe appeared only in 2019. From that moment on, players were able to create their own sites and use the internal MANA tokens for trading: paying for avatars, buying names and clothes, as well as performing other tasks.

The total number of MANA tokens is 2.19 billion, of which the circulating supply is 1.84 billion tokens. The system regularly uses the token burning mechanism to maintain the investment attractiveness of cryptocurrencies. Note that MANA tokens operate on the ERC-20 standard and are reliably protected from attacks.

Benefits of Decentraland:

  1. Maintaining a leading position for a long time.
  2. Full control of the game community.
  3. Almost unlimited potential for development.
  4. High speed of operations.


  1. Limited scope of the LAND token.
  2. Lack of clear plans for further development.
  3. High fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

The current cost of MANA, even against the backdrop of the crisis of 2022, is growing and has reached $1.21. By the end of the year, the price may reach $2.34, and after 10 years – $40-50 per token. Against this background, it is worth thinking about investing in these digital assets for profit.

Fei USD (Fei) – 0.46%

No less interesting is the option with the Fei USD stablecoin, which is stable and even increased in price by $0.46 per allotment, and over the past day by 11%. So, on May 11, 2022, the price was $0.97, and by May 13, the rate increased to $1. At the moment, there has been a small drawdown, but in the future, the Fei price will correspond to the USD rate.

The Fei protocol is a DeFi stablecoin, and the goal of its creation is to get something between a decentralized and a centralized stablecoin. The algorithm itself operates on two cryptocurrency assets: the management token Tribe and Fei.

The history of the Fei USD project began in 2020. It almost immediately attracted the interest of users, which made it possible to raise about $19 million in investments in 2021. Initially, there were difficulties with binding, but a timely update of the protocol resolved the problem.

Fei is a stablecoin and its total amount is not limited by anything. Tokens are issued or burned depending on the current demand. The total supply at the time of writing is 426 million tokens.


  • high liquidity;
  • good development prospects;
  • relatively low volatility;
  • availability on many exchanges;
  • dollar peg.

As for the cons, the main one is the high collateral and the large number of tokens in circulation. Given the current situation, the Fei USD rate is stable and, unlike the TerraUSD stablecoin, is worthy of attention. If you want to save capital and protect yourself from risks, you can add a coin to your cryptocurrency portfolio.

For convenience, we present the TOP-5 of the most growing cryptocurrencies for May 2022 in the table.

No. p / p Name Price, $ Growth per day,% Growth for 7 days,% Capitalization, billion Number of coins in circulation, million
one Maker (MKR) 1647 11.23 38.6 1.6 0.977
2 Kadena (KDA) 3.26 16.73 21.33 0.599 184
3 ZCash (ZEC) 106.4 1.14 7.07 1.5 14.4
four Decentraland (MANA) 1.22 3.38 5.58 2.2 422.3
5 Fei USD (Fei) 0.99 0.39 0.46 0.420 14.2 

What tokens can still be invested in amid the crisis of cryptocurrencies

A temporary decline in the price of Bitcoin should not upset investors, because with a high probability this is a temporary phenomenon. In the coming months, the price should roll back upwards. As an alternative, you can consider other assets that are showing good growth in such a difficult time.

Pax Dollar (USDP), Dai (Dai), TrueUSD and others can be added to the list discussed above. It is worth noting that the potential of the same Bitcoin or Ethereum, which have lost in price, looks even more interesting for investors. They can be bought at the stage of price reduction in order to further earn on growth.


The current situation in the cryptocurrency market and the depreciation of digital assets made many think about the relevance of such investments. Token holders began to review portfolios, sell rice and buy more reliable tokens. Against this background, interest arose in promising coins, which, against the background of a general decline, show growth. But this does not mean that these cryptocurrencies are guaranteed to bring income. Here you also need to analyze the risks in terms of volatility and a decrease in the exchange rate.

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