Review of cheap new buildings in Moscow in 2022

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We talk about cheap new buildings in Moscow: what people are buying in 2022, which developers can be trusted, how to choose an apartment and a popular area for living in the capital.

The housing issue does not lose its relevance. At any time, people want to live separately and move to big cities, choose comfortable apartments for themselves, look for profitable options and think about where it is better to get a mortgage.

The topicality of buying “one’s own corner” does not disappear even in an unstable economic situation. It’s just that during such periods people become even more attentive. Worries about the reliability of the developer and whether it is worth buying an apartment right now are added to the standard questions.

In the article, we described the current situation based on statistics and expert analytics. We also learned what ordinary people think about this.

What apartments are in demand in Moscow

According to statistics, for the first quarter of 2022, the demand for compact housing is growing – studios, one-room and two-room apartments.

It’s easy to explain:

  • a drop in purchasing power;
  • general housing prices in Moscow, which are traditionally higher than in the regions;
  • a trend towards the acquisition of housing with the possibility of independent redevelopment.

According to the investment and real estate company Est-a-Tet, in the first quarter of 2021, 21% of buyers chose housing with an area of ​​​​55-65 m² – this is the size of two-room apartments with a classic layout.

By 2022, the situation has changed. Demand for two-room apartments fell by 7%, while for compact housing, on the contrary, it grew:

  • 5% for apartments up to 25 m²,
  • by 7% for housing with an area of ​​25-35 m².

The most popular option was housing with an area of ​​up to 45 m² and a cost of up to 11 million rubles.

How much money is needed to become the owner of a Moscow new building

There is an opinion: to buy an apartment in Moscow, you need to have a lot of money. It is true that housing in the capital is not cheap, but if you wish, you can find options at an affordable cost.

According to the analytics and consulting department of NDV Supermarket Real Estate, the minimum price for an apartment in comfort class is:

  • from 5 million rubles in the residential complex “Green Park” (PIK) in ZelAO,
  • from 5.1 million rubles in the residential complex My Space on Okskaya in the South-Eastern Administrative District.

The range of the lowest prices in the mass segment is from 5 to 5.5 million rubles for a studio with an area of ​​19 sq. m.

The rest of the projects, where there are apartments and apartments with a purchase budget of up to 5 million rubles, are not new construction, but reconstructed buildings. These include, for example, the reconstruction of dormitories or office buildings.

Such options are convenient in terms of affordable cost. But it should be borne in mind that, unlike new residential complexes, such buildings are not fully equipped with infrastructure. Next to them, there may be no parking lots, playgrounds and other amenities that new buildings are so fond of.

To find out what residents of Moscow and the Moscow region think about buying an apartment, we walked the streets and found out who and under what conditions is considering expanding housing in the near future.

Is it possible now to buy housing in Moscow or because of the crisis there is a risk of unfinished construction

The main fear of buyers is to buy an apartment in a building that will not be completed. No one wants to invest a large amount in a new home, and end up with no money and no roof over their heads.

In order to worry less about your hard-earned money, it is worth delving a little into the inner workings of building new houses.

Firstly, at the moment the state supports:

  • buyers – through preferential mortgages ;
  • developers – benefits, deferrals and a subsidized rate for project financing.

In Sovcombank , apartments on the primary and secondary market for families with children are available at 3.88% with state support.

Secondly, project financing has become a rather serious factor that insures the money of equity holders.

Nadezhda Korkka, managing director of Metrium, says, according to dom.rf, in April 2022, 80.5% of all apartment buildings being built in Moscow are being built with project financing.

This is implemented as follows:

  1. Shareholders’ money is placed on a special escrow account. The developer can open it only after he receives permission to put the building into operation.
  2. The construction itself is financed by borrowed funds from the bank.
  3. If the developer has difficulties, and he cannot fulfill his obligations, then the object passes to the federal or regional fund for the protection of the rights of equity holders. Based on the results of the inspection of the buildings, a decision is made on the completion or payment of compensation.

The scheme with escrow accounts protects the money of equity holders: the developer will not be able to waste funds for other purposes and quit his job halfway through. And the building will have less risk of becoming a long-term construction.

How to choose a reliable developer

When choosing a reliable developer in Moscow, there is a simple rule: trust trusted developers who have earned a good reputation, their names are always well known.

A good solution would be to go to the already handed over objects and see how they show themselves in business, to talk with the tenants.

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Elena Chegodaeva, head of the analytics and consulting department at NDV Supermarket Real Estate, tells how to choose a developer and what to pay special attention to.

  • Check the information on the Unified resource of developers .

This site provides complete information on each developer: construction volumes, reliability coefficient, number and timing of project delays (if any). You can also find the rating of developers, top new buildings and a register of problematic objects.

  • Find information on the developer’s website.

When choosing several developers, do not be too lazy to go to the site of each. It is better to learn as much as possible about the company and its achievements, find information about completed and ongoing projects, data on financial performance and key documents.

  • Read reviews on reviews.

The developer can promise anything, but the tenants will not lie. Read owner reviews on independent review sites.

  • Study the information on the website of the Unified Information System for Housing Construction .

The website of the Ministry of Construction of Russia allows you to check the new building and the developer, get acquainted with the current project declarations, get information about problematic projects, and also learn about the conditions of the current state preferential programs for the purchase of housing.

Before choosing, go over this checklist so as not to forget to check the information on all points.

“If we talk about developers of the mass segment in Moscow, then I advise you to pay attention to the projects of Aquilon Group, RG Development, in a higher segment, to new buildings of MR Group, Pioner, Osnova Group of Companies and others,” says the chairman of the board Directors of the company “BEST-Novostroy” Irina Dobrokhotova.

Top 10 residential complexes in Moscow in the mass segment that are in demand

A common feature of new buildings in the mass segment, which are most popular with buyers, is the application of the principles of block development with integrated development of the territory.

When choosing an apartment, people want to buy not just a “box”, but a place where it will be pleasant to live: walking with children, taking them to kindergarten and school, playing sports and relaxing in the yard.

The popular areas of “old” Moscow include:

  • Ochakovo-Matveevskoe,
  • Nizhny Novgorod,
  • Lublino,
  • Western Degunino,
  • Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo,
  • South Butovo,
  • Mitino,
  • Metrogorodok,
  • Ryazan,
  • Golyanovo.

The best-selling mass new buildings of “old” Moscow in the first quarter of 2022 according to the Metrium real estate agency

No. p / p Project County, district Number of kindergartens

in the first quarter


Average price per sq. m. in March 2022, thousand rubles Average proposal budget in March 2022, million rubles RVE date**
one Lublin park SEAD,


655 241.3 10.1 II quarter 2024
2 Matveevsky park COMPANY,


431 304.5 12.8 Q1 2024
3 Amur park HLW,


374 251 eleven II quarter 2024
4 Volga park SEAD,

textile workers

346 261 11.1 Q1 2024
5 Losinoostrovsky park HLW,


345 275.7 12.4 Q1 2024
6 Rustaveli 14 SVAO,


324 303.1 14.1 II quarter 2024

Nizhny Novgorod

318 279.6 11.5 II quarter 2023
eight Nikolsky meadows SWAD,

South Butovo

285 183.7 8.3 IV quarter 2023
nine Michurinsky park COMPANY,


276 300 12.4 II quarter 2024
ten Mikhailovsky park SEAD,


264 261.6 12.6 II quarter 2024

*By the number of equity participation agreements with individuals, excluding investment transactions (purchase of four or more apartments).

**The planned date of receipt of RVE of the last hull in the sale is indicated.

As can be seen from the table, buyers more often choose “green” areas with developed infrastructure and convenient transport interchanges.

Buying a home is an exciting stage in the life of every person, especially when it comes to a huge metropolis and the capital of Russia. But if you calmly count to 10, discard emotions and approach the choice rationally, it is easy to find a lot of useful information and make the right decision.

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