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What is a credit report

A credit report (CR) is information that contains information on an individual credit history from the very beginning of credit activity to the present.

In it you can find all the data on when and how many loans you took out, how faithfully you paid them, and at what level your individual credit rating is.

In addition to the above, the KO reflects your debt burden – an indicator of how much of your official income goes to pay off loans.

You will need a KO if you are going to take out a large loan and want to be sure of the bank’s approval in advance. Or, for example, if your credit history is damaged, you can see the current level of your rating and update information to monitor the indicator.

Marina is going to take an apartment on a mortgage. Prior to that, she paid off a loan for a smartphone and took out a loan for a vacation trip. Due to her indiscipline, in half of the cases she allowed delays in payments by two or three days. Now, a few years later, with an excellent income, she wondered if her past carelessness might affect the approval of a mortgage loan.

Marina turned to a friend, a financial consultant, who advised the girl to get her credit report.

Credit history and rating

Individual credit history – a list of all existing and closed loans. Rating – a certain designation of the level of conscientiousness of the borrower, the indicators of which vary from 0 to 1000-1200. The higher the indicator, the more conscientious and solvent potential client of the bank you are considered to be.

The credit rating depends on the following factors:

  • how conscientiously the borrower repays the debt to the bank and observes the terms of payment;
  • how different loans are contained in history. The more varied the purpose of the loan, the higher the rating;
  • how long a citizen pays off loans and what is the duration of the experience of using these financial products.

Interestingly, the rating is more influenced by the latest loans than once repaid.

what is credit history
Sometimes the level of a personal credit rating brings joy, sometimes it surprises unpleasantly

The trust of banks is much higher for those who are active users of the products, and also had a successful experience in repaying any loans. If you understand that after some time you will have a large loan or mortgage, start building a rating today. For example, buy inexpensive equipment using an installment card.

Why save money for months when you can get what you want right now? Take a loan at 9.9% at Sovcom bank, apply for the “Minimum Rate Guarantee” service, and we will return all interest upon the expiration of the loan term. To do this, pay off Halva every month and avoid delays on the loan. You can leave a request in two clicks, and we will credit the money to the card or send it by courier.

How to get a credit report

Today in Russia there are several official organizations that provide all information on loans for each citizen of the country. These are the so-called credit bureaus (CHBs). The whole system looks like this:

  • there is a common database – the Central Catalog of Credit Histories (CCCH), which stores information about the availability of credit files for each user in all credit history bureaus (CHI);
  • credit history can be clarified directly in each BKI.

You can get a KO online if you have a verified account on the Gosuslugi portal. In the “Taxes and Finance” section, find the service called “Information about the CBI, in which (which) the credit history is stored ..”. So you will find out in which bureau the information you are interested in is stored.

After that, you can go to the official website of the bureau and request information. Twice a year it should be given to you free of charge.

You can get a credit card offline, for this, contact the office of the credit bureau or any credit organization.

As an active user of the World Wide Web, Marina, of course, has a verified account on Public Services. Therefore, she followed all the steps indicated in the algorithm above, and was soon able to receive a report in PDF format.

How to achieve the desired ranking

KO is also useful in that everyone has the opportunity to look at themselves as if through the eyes of a bank and evaluate their own prospects for obtaining a targeted loan. Every six months, you can take a report and see how your credit history and rating are changing.

In case of negative credit history

If it is important for you to have a good rating with a bad credit history, the only way to achieve what you want is to take a new loan, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.

Banks do not issue profitable loans to those entities of KOs that violated the payment schedule and showed themselves to be unreliable. Therefore, you can improve your rating and apply for loans with good conditions with a new loan.

If you borrow from a bank on the terms that it offers (most often unfavorable for an unreliable borrower), then you show that you are ready to return the money in full. If you are denied loans for large amounts, try to take out a loan for three months, for example, an electric kettle. Timely payment will show the bank that you are improving, which means that the next loan will be on more convenient terms.

We also recommend that you apply for the Loan Doctor program: you can do it right from home.

If you don’t have a credit history

If you have never taken loans, but want to buy a car , the payment for which you can completely master, it is likely that you will not be able to make an installment purchase. Or the bank will offer a loan with a high interest rate that will not suit you.

The algorithm of actions is exactly the same as in the previous paragraph: issue an installment card, pay for purchases with it and make scheduled payments on time.

Marina found that her credit score is quite low. It is possible that banks will offer her unfavorable mortgage conditions or even refuse to issue it. She gave herself a year and a half to correct the situation, deciding that during these 18 months she would save up more money for a down payment and repairs.

First, she purchased a new and trendy smartphone. For this, the girl used the Halva installment card . Having paid installments for four months, she decided to combine business with pleasure and upgraded the car to a more modern model, taken, however, on credit.

This time, the girl understood that it depended on her discipline whether she could buy an apartment or not. Therefore, she made all payments on time, at the same time she used an installment card in order to regain the image of a conscientious and creditworthy citizen even faster.

Every three months, she monitored her rating through the My Credit History app ( app for apple and android ). By getting ratings, she could see if she was heading in the right direction.

After 21 months, she reached the milestones needed to buy her own apartment near the city center.

Who but you can watch KO

Basically, your KO is requested by financial institutions to which you apply for a loan. The bank must be sure that you are creditworthy , that it does not risk its own funds by providing them to you. If you fail to repay the loan or show yourself to be an unscrupulous client, the bank will not only not receive profit from interest, but will also incur losses in the amount of your debt. Therefore, banks prefer to refuse to issue loans to those who have a bad or no credit history, a high debt burden.

The KO displays information about who and when requested your credit history. It is stored in order to trace the illegal use of personal data, for example.

Marina discovered that there were several requests in her KO that she did not make. Knowing that the data could get to the scammers, she became alarmed and contacted the support center of her BKI to find out where the requests were coming from.

In such cases, we recommend that you contact the bank that makes the requests directly, and if the loan is already closed, demand that the requests be stopped.

The Halva card is a universal financial instrument. Use your funds, get cashback from purchases up to 10% and income on the balance of your own funds on the card up to 17%, and also open deposits at a favorable percentage. You can take borrowed funds up to 500,000 rubles and spend them on purchases in installments of 10 months or more if you subscribe to Halva. Ten. Issue Halva in a couple of clicks, and the courier will bring it to you!

How to fix a mistake on a credit report

If you find information in the report that does not correspond to reality, and you have evidence of this (receipts, checks, etc.), you can challenge this information.

For example, if it is indicated that you are late in the payment or did not pay the full amount of the monthly payment. In the case when online transfers or bank statements can prove that payments were made correctly and in full, you can correct the data in your CC.

Take the opportunity to view your credit report as a tool to improve your own reputation in the eyes of a financial institution and use it for the benefit of your financial condition!

And if everything is in order with the reputation, then feel free to apply for a loan at Sovcom bank. The form below will help you do it quickly.

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