Is a qualified investor cool? Or how? 2022

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From funny observations near the market. In various exchange discussions, I have repeatedly seen how, after an article or even a short remark, a person adds “qualified investor” next to his first and last name. Moreover, the message itself is often complete nonsense. Somewhere on the third time, a reflex began to develop: if you noticed a highly qualified person – expect trouble.

This is to the question of correlations between the external speech manner and the internal essence. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s not God who issues certificates, who is qualified and who is not. This is a formal thing needed to limit certain risks for the broker’s clients, or, conversely, to allow him to take these risks. And the formal status is assigned purely formally. You can either have a certain amount on your account (6 million rubles), or a specialized education, or wind up a certain turnover in trading in a year (the same 6 million, which is actually easy, can be done in a day from any account), or work out in professional structures.

What does Vasily von Ivanov want to emphasize? That he has six million? What does he often trade? That he worked for a couple of years at a brokerage company?

Whichever of the conditions you take, there is nothing very outstanding behind it, which speaks of high qualification.

A person could earn a large amount anywhere, and is there necessarily a market here? Turnover and experience are also not indicators. A big turnover – after all, this is not always a smart trading robot, often it is just an impulsive gambler.

This only indicates that for some reason the person needed a formal certificate, and he was not too lazy to get it. And you can get it in a bunch of ways, including quite funny ones.

If such a reference adds to respect, then only in the eyes of a completely obscure public. That is, the signature seems to say: “Hello, I came to impress naive people.”

PS This is not a criticism of those who have this prefix, I also seem to have it (although I’m not 100% sure, I only remember that I applied). For business, sometimes you need to. But there is something more serious: shoulder straps, medals, titles. And there are colored bells and situational passes, and the one who takes them too seriously looks frivolous.


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