5 growth leaders among foreign stocks 2022

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Investing in stocks of international corporations is a rather risky way to invest. However, a successful purchase of securities in a short time can bring 100, 200 or even 500% profit. History knows examples when seemingly unremarkable stocks showed rapid growth in the shortest possible time.

We have included in our top 5 companies that have shown the biggest stock growth in history.

1. DexCom

Course for September 2017 $41.01
Course on 12/16/2021 $541.29
Difference 1319%

Rice. 1. DexCom performance. Source: investing.com

DexCom (DXCM) specializes in the development of human blood glucose monitoring systems. The shares of this company have increased in price since its inception (with minor adjustments). Explosive growth in DexCom securities began to show from the end of 2019. The reasons were the coronavirus pandemic and the restriction of the free movement of people in different countries. Patients with diabetes could not access medical care in clinics, so they needed tools to test blood at home.

Equity analysts predict a further increase in the value of DexCom’s securities, despite a slight drop compared to October 2021. The adjustment could be caused by the company’s high leverage.


Course for September 2017 $180.13
Course on 12/16/2021 $605.04
Difference 336.11%

Rice. 2. Netflix performance. Source: investing.com

Netflix (NFLX) provides access to video content for residents of various countries. Previously, the company had a large number of paid users only in the United States and Canada. In recent years, Netflix has poured millions of dollars into creating its own television series, which has led to an explosion in audiences. As a result, the company’s securities also rose in price.

An additional factor that influenced the growth of the media giant’s share price was the coronavirus pandemic. During the forced self-isolation, people were especially actively absorbing video content, so Netflix services gained even more popularity.

Analysts predict the further development of the company, but with some reservations. Netflix spends a lot of money on business expansion and content creation, resulting in a high debt burden. An additional factor that could cause a decline in the value of Netflix’s securities is the development of competitive services, including Disney+. Further growth of the client base and the possibility of increasing the price of the services provided by the company remain in doubt.

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3. Amazon

Course for September 2017 $953
Course on 12/16/2021 $3466
Difference 363%

Rice. 3. Amazon performance. Source: investing.com

The Amazon online store (AMZN) specializes in the sale of various products in the United States of America. Due to the growth in online trading volumes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for the services of this corporation has increased significantly. This caused a significant rise in the share price, although they had shown constant growth during previous years.

In addition to the platform for selling goods via the Internet, the company has its own streaming service. It also provides data center services to everyone. Amazon has a large capital buffer, which will allow it to maintain the value of the shares if the market situation requires it.

The prospects for the growth of the price of securities remain, so they can be considered as an object for investment. According to experts, the volume of the global e-commerce market will grow to $6.5 trillion by 2023, which is almost twice as much compared to 2019.

Analysts also consider risk factors. One of them is market saturation in the US. Amazon accounts for half of all online sales in the United States. This may lead to the imposition of sanctions by the government to prevent the formation of a monopoly. In addition, there is a possibility of a decrease in the company’s growth rate due to the actions of competitors – Walmart (WMT), Alibaba (BABA) and others.

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4. ServiceNow

Course for October 2017 $126
Course on 12/16/2021 $647
Difference 513%

Rice. 4. Performance of ServiceNow. Source: investing.com

ServiceNow (NOW) is a cloud computing company that offers its customers tools to digitize manufacturing and business processes. During the pandemic, the company’s services have become in demand, as they have facilitated the transition of employees of many organizations to remote work.

One of the latest developments of ServiceNow is a service that allows you to control the activities of employees who are out of the office. After its launch, subscription revenue increased significantly. Further growth in sales is forecast.

With telecommuting still in place and many companies wanting to reduce the number of employees in the office altogether, forecasts for further growth in stock prices remain positive. Now on the chart of the company’s quotes there is an adjustment compared to October 2021, but the overall uptrend remains.

5. Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Course for December 2016 $73
Course on 16-12-2021 $211
Difference 289%

Rice. 5. Performance of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Source: investing.com

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) is a pharmaceutical and business technology company. The manufacturer’s iconic product is Trikafta, a drug for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. It is used for therapy in 90% of cases after the diagnosis of this pathology. The popularity of the drug has led to a rapid increase in the manufacturer’s revenue – it is more than $ 1.5 billion per quarter. This indicator is predicted to grow to $6 billion or more.

The company’s growth prospects also remain. It cares about risk diversification and acquires manufacturers with intellectual property in the field of diabetes. In addition, Vertex collaborates with other pharmaceutical corporations that are developing in the field of treatment of blood diseases.

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the factors that have had a significant impact on the stock market since 2019. The economic crisis caused by COVID-19 led to the collapse of some companies, but provoked the largest increase in the shares of other issuers. A successful investment of funds has turned some investors into very wealthy people. But for calm investments and protection against capital losses, it is necessary to diversify the portfolio or choose ETF funds .

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