How To Develop A Global Content Marketing Strategy

How To Develop A Global Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is a powerful approach to expanding the organic range of your business, attracting potential consumers and starting their journey into the sales funnel.

Through blog posts, ebooks and many other forms, you can deliver the right message to inform the public about your brand and solutions.

One of the key characteristics of this type of strategy is the need for customization.

In general, content developers work with a buyer personality, which is nothing more than a representation of an imagined best customer. It serves as a guide to the production of impressive products.

This, combined with SEO techniques, allows you to reach the right person, in the most appropriate way and on the most appropriate channel.

How To Develop A Global Content Marketing Strategy

However, what happens if your audience does not match one or two people? What if you want to impress customers not only domestically, but globally?

Well, that’s why you need to know how to create a global content marketing strategy. Read on to learn:

  • What is Global Content Marketing Strategy?
  • What are the benefits of creating one?
  • How can you develop a global content marketing strategy for your organization?

What is Global Content Marketing Strategy?

Before moving on, let us review some basic points about the concept of content marketing.

The strategy is based on the idea of ​​creating relevant content and guiding gravity and competence in an organic way. It takes shape through interconnected processes.

As we mentioned in the introduction, all planning increases the chances of engagement and change based on the personality traits of the buyer.

Decisions such as the topics addressed, the channels used and the language used include the best customer analysis.

Thanks to the growing capabilities and interactive capabilities of the Internet, many companies are seeking to expand their operations to other countries.

This, of course, represents a wonderful opportunity to explore new markets and strengthen the brand image.

However, this also means that a company that does not offer the same characteristics of a local audience will have to deal with a much wider public.

That is why it is useless to reflect your content strategy in other regions.

It is essential to have teams capable of recognizing the uniqueness of each visitor and, from the existing framework, to develop an appropriate approach to achieve business objectives.

This is what we call global content marketing strategy. It seeks to enhance content strategies implemented in different parts of the world , strengthen the global brand image and create a wider and more engaging audience.


4Bs of Global Content Marketing

No doubt you already know the marketing of 4p, which was created by Professor Jerome McCarthy and widely circulated by Philip Kotler.

It is part of the educational and professional development of any marketer, and its creation is fundamental even after many years to understand how this area works.

Well, to help you understand what global content marketing is, we’re going to show you its 4 basic Ps in the book “Global Content Marketing: Planning, Producing, Promoting and Perfecting” by Pam Titner.

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The first step can not be different. Efficient planning is critical to the success of any strategy. Therefore, it is important to define it in advance. When we talk about a global strategy, its planning should be in the same proportion.

This means that groups in different countries and regions need to align targets, target visitors, define KPIs and priorities, and schedule editorial calendars.


After planning, it’s time to create content that really affects the buyer’s personality.

The development of these products should take into account the differences between the characteristics of each region, including the most relevant channels and the consumer’s own peculiarities.


There is no point in producing rich content if people do not have access to it. Therefore, the third P stands for promotion.

It is important to use an omniscient approach that integrates social networks, blogs, email marketing and anything else relevant to the brand.

In some cases, it is difficult to find an organic octopus in the early stages of the strategy. However, it is always valid to use sponsored links and paid advertising campaigns to enhance the business’s advertising efforts.


The last element described by Ditner is completeness. To maintain and achieve good results, the global content marketing strategy should always aim for completeness, which should constantly monitor the results.

What are the benefits of creating one?

The reason you develop a global content marketing strategy is simple: it’s the only way to extend the benefits of your local approach to a global audience.

Even if you have strong channels with international access, this is not enough.

The survey conducted by Common Sense Advisor makes clear what we are saying. The study shows that for more than 56% of consumers, the possibility of obtaining information in their own language during a shopping trip is more important than price.

The report also shows that 72.1% of Internet users spend more time on websites written in their own language.

At this point, you will be surprised: Well, I can provide the translated version of the website.

It’s not so easy because the content of the pages has to be customized according to the user’s location and preferences – if you want to achieve even more significant results.

Thus, by developing a global marketing content strategy, you can organize the company’s marketing department to better meet the needs and preferences of consumers in each region in which the business operates.

The result is a stronger image worldwide and an increase in your channel’s traffic.

Content production helps you enter new markets by specifying an efficient way to teach new consumers about your brand and the solutions you offer.

How can you develop a global content marketing strategy for your organization?

Now that you know what a global content marketing strategy is and how important it is, we will provide some valuable tips for implementing this concept in your organization. Continue reading!

Connect your teams together

All your teams should be on the same page about the goals and levels of the strategy. The use of management tools makes it possible to ensure clear and efficient internal communication, involve team members and encourage collaboration.

However, as we have already mentioned, your standard strategy may not be applicable to all your functional areas.

Therefore, it is important to appoint people responsible for changing attitudes in line with the culture of the country and the behavior of the public.

It is valid and recommended to appoint a manager, especially to deal with the management of global teams.

In this way, we create the right environment to generate valuable feedback to improve results.

Understand your global audience

You need to understand your global audience. A good way to start this process is to look at where your website’s international visits are coming from.

If you get more visitors from X country than Y country, visitors from X country already know your brand well.

Observing the level of familiarity is fundamental to developing a better approach. After all, if the audience does not even know your brand, there is no point in landing in a new country talking about your solutions.

So, doing market research is basically in order to identify the uniqueness of the public that you want to achieve. This generation of data can also be gained by creating interactive content and engaging experiences.

Find the most relevant channels

Once you know your audience, you can define which channels are most suitable for spreading your message. This is a very important issue because a social network is very popular in one country and completely irrelevant in another.

Not to mention the restrictions that occur in some countries. The United States recently considered banning the world-famous Chinese social media site Tick Tock.

Being aware of this type of problem avoids investing in channels that offer little stability in the long run.

Use special tools

In any content strategy, quality is paramount. So do not hesitate to invest in the best tools to produce your products. It is important to look for options that offer different formats to diversify your editorial calendar.

Tools for spreading your content across different channels must also have integration functions with other sites.

Work on your branding, but consider local cultures

If you are entering a new market or want to expand into a market, working on your branding is essential.

Above all, consumers prioritize brands that build a good relationship with the public and demonstrate visions and values ​​that are appreciated by the community.

Creating this image is very important, but you should also care to respect the local culture. Understanding the importance of this issue is much easier if you already have a work environment based on the concept of diversity.

In doing so, you will not only act with respect and ethics, but also identify new opportunities.

Define local and global KPIs

The only way to map out your strategy and find space for optimization is to work with measurements.

However, it is important to distinguish locally from global measurements. That is, performance in different markets must be interpreted in different ways.

If your content strategy is already successful in the United States, purchasing rates may be your most important KPI for conversion.

However, if you are investing in another country – if there is not much power there yet – the number of visits to your website is already a metric and it should get great attention.

Working on a global content marketing strategy is the best way to ensure positive results in the various markets you want to reach.

In this process, it is necessary to consider cultural and behavioral differences between audiences in different locations.

Want to know more about global content marketing? Listen to the words of an expert! Record our webinarjam session with Pam Titner on “Content Marketing Across the Region: The Balance Between Global and Local”!

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