Bitcoin - digital payment network

Bitcoin – digital payment network

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The price of bitcoin is so volatile that everyone gets curious and they are constantly striving to implement this transaction mechanism. Yes, Bitcoin is a completely transparent and complex environment that includes all security, account and transfer issues. Let’s deal with Bitcoin: So it is Bitcoin, the creator of the Blockchain technology category , that is the world’s ledger.which allows the parties involved to send a specific value for a specific object via email. It is an agreed network that has updated the payment system and exchanges value, not currency, while using digital technology. So far, it is the very first and decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is operated by the user himself, yes, it does not require a third party to create or process any payment mechanisms. With its practical implementation around the world, it is the most outstanding accounting system that has been discovered so far and allows triple entry at a time.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be defined as a reward created after processing payment modules in which the user offers their computing power to verify and register payments in a public ledger. This payment authentication activity is called mining and whoever processes it is called a miner who is re-listed with transaction fees and creates new bitcoins. Bitcoins can also be exchanged for other currencies, goods and services.

Bitcoin - digital payment network

So by now you must be wondering how it actually entered the global marketplace and what features made it superior in all its existing merits.


Bitcoin is an innovative internet protocol created by Satoshi Nakamado that transfers value over established communication channels. Transactions are processed without intermediaries, so anyone can transfer money around the world without using any centralized services like banks or PayPal. Well, because it is secure, authenticated, and digitized, it has an exponential slope, gaining high popularity across all existing market standards. As it exchanges values ​​over communication channels, the concept of a third party has disappeared with this payment mechanic.

Let’s see how it works.

In order for the transaction to take place, all you have to do is install bitcoin on your computer or mobile device and it will generate your first bitcoin address and can also generate more addresses when needed.

What is Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin wallet is software that allows users to receive, store and send bitcoins, giving them the ability to create and manage a collection of private keys. Private keys are numbers, similar to ATM pin codes, that are kept secret through a bitcoin wallet and allow you to move your bitcoins by solving a proven math problem that the bitcoin network can verify.

Types of bitcoin wallets

  1. Online Bitcoin wallets: These are wallets that can be accessed from the internet through any internet-connected device.
  2. Hardware Bitcoin Wallet: This is a physical device that protects bitcoins.
  3. Software wallet: These applications are downloaded to your mobile phone, computer or tablet.
  4. Paper Wallet: These wallets contain printed out private bitcoin keys from a device that has never been connected to the Internet.

Some of the several best mobile wallets for Android and iOS are listed as Android Mycelium Greenbits iOS Bread wallet.

What is Blockchain?

Basically, the Blockchain is the network on which Bitcoin exists and on which the entire network relies. All confirmed transactions are included in the blockchains so that the Bitcoin wallet can calculate the balance spent and thus verify new transactions. A transaction is the transfer of values ​​between bitcoin addresses that are included in the digital exchange process and verified using an authenticated digital signature. As stated above, Bitcoin wallets store a secret piece of data called a private key or seed, which provides numerical proof that it really belongs to a particular wallet owner.


A digital signature prevents anyone from modifying transactions after they are signed. All transactions that take place are broadcast between the involved users and are verified and confirmed by the Bitcoin network within an hour. ?

How does Bitcoin blockchain work?

Basically, it includes 6 steps that will give you a solid understanding of Bitcoin’s working strategies.

  1. Transactions: Those that are digitally signed by both parties involved.
  2. Miners: takes the lead in processing transaction procedures.
  3. Block: All transactions are placed in blocks that are developed by miners.
  4. Block Puzzle: This puzzle is solved by miners and generates a proof of work.
  5. Proof of Work: Miners who successfully obtain a proof broadcast it to other miners.
  6. Verification: After the verification is completed, the process ends.

So how do you ensure your security and the privacy of your transactions?

  • Manage your private keys: calculate and set unique primary keys
  • Protect your privacy: don’t share keys
  • Don’t reuse an address: use multiple bitcoin addresses
  • Use different wallets to transfer different monetary values
  • Create multiple secure wallet backups

So how do you buy bitcoins online?

Well, yes, if you also want to open your Bitcoin account, then there is nothing to wait, just follow the steps below and get a personal decentralized account for digital exchange of funds.

First, open an account with a bitcoin exchanger Fund your account Place an order with the other party Get verified Collect your bitcoins

Who controls the Bitcoin network?

Just as no one owns the technologies that underlie the Internet and email, so there is no ownership of the emergence of bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions are verified by “Bitcoin miners” that cover the entire industry and “cloud bitcoin mining”. Although the developers are constantly striving to improve the software, the Bitcoin protocol remains the same if you choose any software or versions of it. To maintain full interoperability, the developer community must adhere to the same protocol, which follows the same guidelines for everyone.

How does Bitcoin work?

From the user’s point of view, Bitcoin is nothing more than a mobile application or computer program that includes a personal Bitcoin wallet and allows the user to share and receive. Behind the scenes, the Bitcoin network operates with a huge public ledger called the Blockchain that tracks the history of every transaction and verifies its authenticity. Thus, allowing all users to have complete control over sending bitcoins. Thus, there is absolutely zero chance of fraud, money back, and yes, no one can identify you or hack your information.

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