5 Best SEO Training Courses of 2022

5 Best SEO Training Courses of 2022 – Most Valuable & Best SEO Training Courses

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Do you want to learn about SEO? If your answer is yes, this article is dedicated to you and contains a list of the most valuable and best SEO training courses and certifications you can use in 2021 to improve your SEO capabilities.

Do you want to learn how to master SEO? First of all, SEO is not easy.

To be honest, SEO is a huge ocean and a multibillion dollar business. So, if you want to make a profession out of this and become an SEO expert, you should take SEO courses to understand the basics.

We’ve done some research for you and put together a list of the best SEO courses online.

Some of these courses also provide certification upon completion, so you will have a trustworthy badge and / or SEO certificate to add to your trust badge collection.

5 Best SEO Training Courses of 2022

Here we go through the best SEO training courses available to you. Without further ado, let’s get down to the details.

1. Moz SEO Training

Mln. ounces is without a doubt one of the best websites in the world for learning SEO. While there are several video tutorials, in-depth tutorials, and Friday videos to help you master SEO, Moz also offers a unique instructor-led SEO training program.

It provides training to a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Beginners.
  • Intermediate users.
  • SEO power users and one-to-one training courses where you can personalize your learning experience to learn SEO quickly.

Overall, Moz Training is the perfect place to invest your time and money to learn everything about SEO principles, from keyword research to local company SEO to e-commerce SEO and so on.

Their training costs range from $ 149 to $ 595 for a 5-day instructor-led SEO training course that covers fundamental SEO strategies such as research, competitive analysis, reporting, link building, and more.

2. SEMRush Academy

Both small e-commerce stores and enterprise level businesses can benefit from the SEMRush Academy SEO Training Course. Since they already provide one of the most popular SEO solutions in the industry, SEMrush has a unique take on learning search engine optimization.

The SEMRush School Course is split into nine lessons and comes with a SEMrush Content Marketing Kit to help you improve your digital marketing skills.

Other SEO / UX optimization approaches, such as increasing the amount of time spent on the website, are also available through the SEMRush Academy (along with bounce and page speed solutions).

If you want to improve your game, the Essential SEO Skills will help you, and the certification you receive will show potential clients that you are a real business.

SEMRush Academy is a truly fun SEO training course with easy-to-understand content, access to industry experts, and long-term reference material.

3. Coursera

Coursera is one of the largest online platforms offering a wide range of courses from SEO to Web Design to Coding.

Stanford researchers created Coursera in 2012 and is now used by over 24 million people worldwide to study. online courses in almost all major subjects.

What does it offer and how much does Coursera’s SEO course cost?

After signing up for this SEO course, you will have access to the following courses:

  • Search Engine Optimization Review.
  • Search Engine Optimization Basics
  • Learn all the ins and outs of website optimization, from first appraisal to getting offers.
  • Use content marketing and social media as part of your SEO plan.
  • Advanced search engine optimization strategies.
  • Customer Website Optimization Report

You must subscribe to Coursera, which costs $ 49 per month, to have access to this curriculum as well as all other Coursera courses.

4. Lynda SEO Courses

Linda is one of the largest online education organizations, founded in 1995 by Linda Weinman, and offers courses ranging from free to premium on a range of topics such as search engine optimization, technology, business, and more.

The following are the benefits of taking Linda’s courses:

  • There are over 10,000 expert-led courses available on a wide range of topics from technology to SEO and photography.
  • There is no limit to the number of courses you can watch.
  • You can watch it anytime on your computer or phone (they also have Android and iOS apps).
  • You can easily access and view the lessons from your PC or mobile device, and at the end of the course, you can earn a certificate.

So, if you’re looking for a variety of SEO courses in addition to digital marketing courses in one place, Linda is a popular option!

What services does it provide and how much do Lynda courses cost?

On Lynda’s website, you can find many SEO courses to help you improve your SEO capabilities, and you can find courses that cover topics such as:

  • Understand keyword research, including how keywords, long keywords, phrase patterns, and plurals work.
  • Identifying search intent so you can attract more quality visitors and increase your sales.
  • Link building strategies
  • Site audits.
  • SEO for technical purposes.
  • Measuring keyword competition and brand impact, and researching demand and trends for keywords.
  • Adding keywords to your site to improve the search experience.
  • Among other things, competitor analysis.

Linda accepts monthly payments and charges $ 29 per month to access their courses.

5. Blueprint training

The SEO course offered by Blueprint Training acts as a training ground for SEO experts, businesses and consultants. The course was prepared by SEO experts Ryan Stewart and David Crewitt.

They are self-taught digital agency entrepreneurs who have successfully built and sold successful companies. Many market influencers and teachers don’t have real clients, but Ryan and David do what they preach.

The course is unique in that it covers SEO training, selling and marketing SEO services, and performing SEO services from start to finish. The platform consists of several main components.

  • Processes. The platform is a comprehensive SEO solution that you can use right now. The parts (such as adapting to a new campaign, project planning, technical audit, keyword research, etc.) focus on teaching you how to run an advanced SEO campaign for clients.
  • Video training available. Each module has dozens of short video tutorials that cover both the basics and how-tos. These videos are great for recruiting new hires, contractors, or building your SEO knowledge.
  • Templates. Each module comes with ready-to-use templates (such as monthly SEO reports and audit templates), tools (such as content audits, traffic assessments, and agency forecasts) and established SOP standards.
  • Community. Exceptional savings on your favorite SEO tools, plus one-to-one consultations with Ryan Stewart and David Crewitt, inventors of The Blueprint. And a secret Slack channel where hundreds of agencies share daily insider knowledge, weekly “during business hours” answering any questions that members may have, unique discounts on your favorite SEO tools and private consultations with the creators of The Blueprint Ryan Stewart and David Crewitt.

Is This SEO Training Program Right For You?

While this course is aimed at SEO students of all levels, it is primarily aimed at intermediate to advanced marketers and digital agency owners looking to develop and / or expand their SEO business.

How Much Does The Blueprint Training SEO Course Cost?

The Blueprint Training SEO course costs $ 2.999, which can be paid in full or in three installments of $ 1,000.

Final Thoughts: SEO Training Courses  2022

SEO is evolving rapidly, and if you want to stay one step ahead, you need to start understanding SEO right now. Just don’t put it off; rather than ignoring SEO entirely, start small and focus on the next step.

This post has compiled a list of some of the best SEO training courses, ranging from free to paid, so depending on your budget, you can choose these courses.

So, what do you think of the best training courses listed on this page? Were they helpful to you? Share your ideas in the comments below, and if we missed any of your favorite SEO courses, we’ll do our best to add them to the list.

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