What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting? – A Special View

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Web Hosting No one who does not know the word can own a site on the Internet. What does it mean? What does web hosting do? What facilities are there? This post is to know everything. Something I give as much as I can.

Web Hosting is the process by which an individual or a company can tell the world about themselves or their organization through the Internet. A specific company will provide this. It is also available for free.

Here I will refer to web hosting as web site.

You may ask what is Black? I mean a blog is like a diary you write about yourself. But a web site can be considered as writing a book. There are many differences between the two.

What is Web Hosting?

Often everything in the block will have the same design. Many changes cannot be made. But a web site has more features than just a block. We can make many changes in this. Site design is not the only thing, various features.

Each web site contains a block. For example if you have a company, you have to tell the news about your company through that web site. Black tells about an event that took place in the company. For example, a television company may be telling its site about programs about its company, as well as using its blog to tell you if a show is available to you through a new feature.

But today, just   writing with your own domain has become the color of the website.

So far I have only been saying what a web site is. OK What is web hosting?

It’s like we store our information on our computer. But its size is very, very high.

This means that all of your blog information that we write is stored by Google through its own server. It’s free. Web hosting is when we save the same facility at our own expense. This costs a certain amount per month. Accommodation is available depending on the cost. Here accommodation is referred to as MB, GB.

What we post on our site is stored on a server by a specific web hosting service.

There are different types of hosting facilities. Free, shared web host, native hosting, and more. But shared hosting is the most used. These are available to us through web host sites.

There are many types of features including image hosting, video hosting, file hosting, block hosting, email hosting, shopping card software.

There are several things to consider when you say you want to transfer a site to the host. Bandwidth, Disk Space, DataBase, Number Of Domains, Site Creation Tools, Programming Language, SEO Service .These are those things.

There are many great web hosting sites. I will post soon about them and many other information.

That may be wrong in my view. Tell me if there is. At the same time if you are in doubt ask it below.

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