Writing a blog post, tips for success

Writing a blog post, tips for success

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The purpose of a blog post is first and foremost to be read. The goal of any copywriter is therefore to gain visibility. First, to maximize its audience, it is necessary to properly target the expectations of its future readers. Once this objective has been set, it is advisable to structure your article to make it readable. Finally, the visibility of your blog post will be optimal if you follow a few rules defined by the search engines.

Target your audience

You certainly have one type of audience in mind. But do you really know the structure of the audience you want to reach? Internet user behavior is studied through questionnaires and studies produced by various sites. You also have the option of carrying out surveys yourself through social networks. This will define the exact topics your audience is looking for.

Writing a blog post, tips for success

To know your audience, it is imperative to know what are the issues to which readers need to have answers. Different platforms exist to go in search of the most covered subjects. You will discover the behavior of Internet users, their expectations and the knowledge they wish to acquire.

The article you are going to write should be built around a keyword. This keyword must be related to the topics that interest your audience. Once the keyword has been identified, it should be found in the title and in the content of your article. Without a keyword, your article will not be seen and your work will be for nothing.

Finally, once your articles are written, it is essential to see how they were read. For this, Google Analytics will be your best ally. It allows you to take a real photograph of your Internet users. You thus refine the socio-demographic structure of your site (age, gender, city, interests, CSP, etc…).

Structure your article

A good blog post should be handled in a structured way. Start with an outline with a title and subtitles. Then follow these steps:

Write a headline that makes you want to click

The title of a blog should be catchy. It should make the reader want to know more straight away. When it comes to SEO, this is the H1 tag. It should be neither too long nor too short.

Treat the sycophant

This synthetic text which comes just after the title also known under the name of chapô, aims to provide your reader, in a few sentences, the main information to know. As with the title, the chapô is written once your article is written. It must include between 150 and 300 characters. A well-written chapô will arouse strong interest from your readers. Your item will need to be up to par.

Make the article easy to read

In a blog post, poor readability can scare the reader away. You have to respect a few rules such as not to make sentences too long, use transition words or limit the number of words in each paragraph.

Incorporate internal and external links

Internal or external hypertext links provide additional information to the reader. In addition, they are highly recommended by search engines because they constitute a link between the sites which can promote their visibility.

Find images that illustrate your topic

Images sometimes speak louder than words. Find the right image to make your article even more exciting. Just make sure that they are free of rights and therefore that they can be published legally.

Make a blog post visible through SEO

The visibility of blog posts is reflected in the place they get on search engine results pages. Who has never dreamed of seeing their article at the level of the first 3 results of the first google page without having to go through paid referencing? This is quite possible.

You just have to follow the recommendations of Google. The search engine favors the quality of the content, the keywords, the H1, H2 tags and the number and quality of inbound links. Choosing the right keywords is of course a good thing, but using them wisely is essential. They must appear in the title and sometimes in some subtitles. They should also appear in the content with emphasis on the beginnings of paragraphs. The more you follow these guidelines, the more search engines will spot you to rank you high in the search results.

Don’t neglect the SEO of images. Alternative texts must be entered with the keyword otherwise search engines cannot see them.

By following these few tips for writing a blog post, you have to start off on the right foot. But don’t forget that the search for visibility should be your main goal. Good writing.

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