Which crypto to buy in 2022?

Which crypto to buy in 2022?

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Want to try the cryptocurrency adventure ? To discover a new world of trading, speculation, investment and thrills? This is why we are offering you our guide to knowing which crypto to buy in 2022 , and making good profits.

A little reminder before investing:

Before considering which crypto to buy in 2022 , a reminder is in order. To invest in a crypto, wait until it is in a situation of decline in its price levels to buy it at the best price. The longer you play the duration card for your investment , the more profitable it will be (we say that we “hold”!). You can make a good move in a short period of time to recover cash, but the investment will be less profitable than if you aim for the long term.

Bitcoin, the benchmark cryptocurrency

Among the crypto to buy for 2022, there are classics and of course Bitcoin (BTC). Queen of cryptocurrencies, she rains and shines on everyone. However, Bitcoin had a very interesting year 2021 . Many institutions and private companies have bought Bitcoin in huge proportions, like Tesla, which acquired it for $ 1.5 billion at the start of the year.

Which crypto to buy in 2022?

Which crypto to buy in 2022? Bitcoin: unwavering

The currency started 2021 at € 17,000, climbed to over € 50k, fell to around € 25k to return to a level of € 57k at the end of October. This means that the institutional confidence of companies and banks makes Bitcoinsolid asset in which to invest with the certainty of making a profit all year round, even in the event of temporary hard times like the end of spring and its big fall.

Ethereum, the eternal second in crypto, but in eternal growth

If BTC is the first crypto capitalization, Ethereum is the second, that is to say if the currency is known. Do not ask yourself which crypto to buy in 2022. This year will be that of ETH (which has still taken + 470% since the start of the year). The currency will switch to version 2.0 by abandoning the proof of work (POW) for the proof of stake (POS). These are two methods of validating the data that is entered on the Blockchain. The first is the same as that of BTC, which is known for its energy-intensive nature.

Ethereum 2.0, 2022 in sight

This new solution (POS) consumes very little energy. Not only does this correspond to the times, but it will positively upset all mining operations (operations that allow the creation of crypto-currencies). ETH, the currency of the very media of Vitalik Buterin, its creator, therefore has all the cards in hand to explode in 2022.

Dogecoin, the bad idea to invest in anyway!

Dogecoin is one of those very speculative currencies that ultimately rely on little. Except that the little thing in question is simply Elon Musk. Fantastic boss of Tesla, he is also the man who launches half of the rockets in the world (with Space X). He is quite simply the richest man in the world, often way ahead of Jeff Bezos. And Elon Musk the unpredictable has been infatuated with Dogecoin for a few months. It was just a cryptocurrency without much foundation or value. But Elon Musk’s sole interest in the currency blew up its value .

To the Moon with Dogecoin

At the beginning of January, a Dogecoin was worth 0.007 €. Musk tweeted DogeCoin in May and immediately the crypto exploded to € 0.6, an increase of 8470%. For such an explosion, we use the expression To the moon! If you have 100 € who fear nothing at the beginning of 2022, you will be on vacation in Polynesia for Christmas. It could only be a publicity stunt, but Space X (owned by E.Musk) has financed a flight scheduled for 2022 with this crypto. We are therefore going to have a lot of new tweets potentially carrying crazy profits. Be careful though, the currency remains very speculative and all centered on Musk and his crypto operations. But she also has crazy potential.

Which crypto to buy in 2022? Ripple, for its IPO

Cryptocurrencies are part of what is called DeFi, decentralized finance . Without any control from a classic body such as states, banks, it is hard to imagine a cryptocurrency going public . And this is what will happen in 2022 for Ripple (XRP) because it is a crypto owned by a private company whose goal is to facilitate economic exchanges.

Ripple 2022, the year of maturity

We therefore remain in the same state of mind but with stability and seriousness for XRP which, by definition, does not exist for other cryptocurrencies. And the Ripple receives positive signals with each new information tending to approach the IPO. Placing a few tickets there for 2022 is therefore more than relevant. And remember that as of the date of this article (end of October 2012), XRP had gained + 425% since January 01.

Which crypto to buy in 2022: Solana

Solana is a very dynamic, lightweight crypto whose goal is to be able to run decentralized applications. SOL is currently one of the most promising cryptos , in which big names in Tech have invested. SOL has also significantly raised funds in 2021 which will enable it to accelerate its development.

Ambitions without embarrassment

With the clearly stated ambition of surpassing Ethereum , Solana is giving itself the means to fulfill its ambitions and could well move up a gear in 2022. With you?

Even if it’s obvious, things always get better saying it, so: we only invest in crypto what we accept to lose. They are essentially volatile currencies and without state control or counterpart.

Follow the news of crypto currency

You have decided to invest in cryptocurrency, and this is perfectly understandable with its popularity rating which continues to increase day by day. But before you get started, it can be good to learn more about cryptocurrency . This site is devoted to its news, which it can be very interesting to follow.

Indeed, there are many cryptocurrencies on the internet, and it can be difficult to know which one to invest in. Sites give their advice, but to better form your own opinion, it is necessary to follow the news to better understand the workings of the market.

Better understand the language of crypto currency

On news sites, you may come across many terms that you may not understand. It’s normal when you start and here is a small glossary of words to know to fully understand what you are reading.


A Non Fungible Token ( NFT ) can result in a non-tangible token. It is a cryptographic and virtual element, unique which is destined for the others. An NFT is like a work of art, it cannot be copied, and you will always have authenticity when you buy one.


Gas can be translated as gas or gasoline. It is a virtual unit in Etherum which allows the organization of transaction costs. Its prices vary depending on a transaction.


It is a system to be able to pay directly in bitcoins. It is a means offered to traders to democratize bitcoin.


It is the capacity of a good or an asset to be exchanged with other goods or assets of the same type. A bitcoin token will therefore be fungible.


This corresponds to the process of resolving an IT challenge imposed by a Proof of Stake. This allows a computer transaction to be carried out while keeping the network secure.

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