7 methods of online marketing-SEO, SEM, CRO, content marketing, etc.

7 methods of online marketing-SEO, SEM, CRO, content marketing, etc.

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According to Nielsen’s 2016 “Annual Internet Usage Behavior Contact Rate” survey, the Internet contact rate is as high as 89.7%, which has already surpassed the TV contact rate of 86.5%.

Except for the growth of Internet contact rate, the contact rate of big multimedia has declined slightly. In addition, according to a survey conducted by the National Development Commission in 2018, Taiwan’s Internet use ratio has exceeded 86%, which is about 18.3 million people. These data have repeatedly shown that the world is changing. The way people receive information is very different from a decade ago, and it has also affected advertising and marketing.

There is a famous saying in the advertising industry: “Half of the money invested in advertising is actually wasted. What’s more troublesome is that no one knows which half.” This sentence reflects the problem of traditional marketing: the cost is huge but the effect is very high. We can’t track performance in real time. But in online marketing , these can be improved.

7 methods of online marketing-SEO, SEM, CRO, content marketing, etc.

Traditional advertisements often increase “effective exposure” through large amounts of advertising, but when the advertising is too small, the visibility is insufficient, and when the advertising is too much, the public will be disgusted, and the audience can only passively receive information. Consumers now prefer to take the initiative to use Google search and other methods to obtain the information they want, and they also trust the information they find. In addition, the information provided by relatives, friends and “net celebrities” on social networking sites is also more influential.

These characteristics allow online marketing to target consumer groups and fully utilize the cost of investment like targeted therapy. Moreover, through the background tools, the industry can track and analyze the data in real time to understand the results, use the collected data to build big data, and use this to describe a more accurate consumer group and expand potential consumers!

Internet marketing methods are changing with each passing day, and with the development of the community, it is always changing. As long as you master the following 7 tools, you can be in the online marketing war without any disadvantages!

1. Content Marketing

“Your customers don’t care about you, or your products or services. They care about themselves.”-Joe. Pulitzer (Master of Content Marketing)

Compared with traditional marketing that uses advertising exposure to directly introduce people to their own products and services, content marketing does not directly introduce their own products, but places “product-related and customer-needed” content in newspapers and magazines. Reports, social networking sites, blogs, etc., for example: if you are selling shampoo today, your content marketing articles or videos will be about various hair maintenance methods, temporary haircuts, etc., and post them on media sites Exposure allows potential customers to discover through search engines, social networking sites and other tools.

As for the information of their own products and services, they will be exposed in the content in an indirect way: the shampoo content marketing mentioned in the previous article is an example. It was exposed in the “Facilities List”, placing product information invisible and promoting products to potential customers without even knowing it.

In the case of making people “not” feel “selled”, put high-quality content that is different to them into the market, and place brands, products and services in an invisible way to first arouse the interest of potential customers, and then let potential customers Customers find it by themselves through search engines, social networking sites and other tools. You first unconditionally provide people with what they want to know, with the idea that potential customers will buy more of your products or services next, because these things help them achieve their goals.

2. Email marketing (EDM)

E-mail is an important communication tool on the Internet. According to data from Adobe 2015, 81% of people check their e-mails outside of work, and 63% of consumers still tend to receive marketing offers in this way.

E-mail can provide direct and private contact channels, help provide personalized information and discounts, manage the relationship between members and old customers, and can also reduce or avoid the influence of platform algorithms. Also because of EDM’s low unit price and happy price ratio, it has become an online marketing channel suitable for investment regardless of company size .

3. SEO search engine optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means to operate according to the rules of search engines, without paying to buy advertisements, which can be naturally sorted in the forefront of search results, increasing the visibility of web pages.

Search engines have been integrated into people’s lives, and any need comes first to search on the Internet. Active search for keywords also means that they are interested or even have a high chance of shopping. People often only click on the first few search results. Therefore, the number one search result can be said to be a battleground.

If you want to master SEO and use it, in addition to being familiar with HTML and CSS, you also need to master the pulse of each search engine from time to time. If the search engine algorithm is updated, the ranking of the website will fluctuate and the traffic will decrease.

4. CRO conversion rate optimization

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) means conversion optimization. Because even if the website has a lot of traffic, it does not mean that the transaction volume is high. From your website attracting potential customers in, becoming your visitors, browsing your web pages, participating in games and activities on your website, etc., to finally being willing to pay for your products, the whole process is conversion. The whole conversion process is as shown in the figure above, like a funnel, from top to bottom are attracting, participating, and converting.

How to retain visitors to your website and convert them into customers is what is called conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Internet marketers can use web analysis tools such as Google Analytics to check which channel (FB, Google search engine query or Google Multimedia Co-Dial Advertising, etc.) the visitors Which page of the website stays the longest, which page last placed an order on, or which page jumped out of your website, etc., based on actual data, exposes a large number of popular pages, improves poorly performing pages, etc., these The process is all part of the transfer or rate optimization.

5. Social Marketing

Social marketing is to operate a long-term communication channel with customers through social media platforms to facilitate direct interaction with customers.

The scope of social marketing is actually quite extensive. In addition to establishing FB fan groups, providing online mobile customer service, developing exclusive mobile apps, app UI/UX interfaces, Instagram marketing, LINEmarketing, etc., can all be regarded as social media Part of marketing.

6. SEM paid advertising

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a paid search engine platform, so that when users search for specific keywords, the content you want appears, that is, paid advertisements. The most common is Google Ads keyword advertising. It is a means to achieve a higher ranking goal than SEO by purchasing search result rankings .

The most fundamental difference between SEO and SEM is the cost and benefit of obtaining traffic. SEO obtains free ranking and traffic through long-term investment, while SEM uses advertising bidding to obtain short-term and immediate results.

7. Word-of-mouth marketing and KOL

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) refers to a key opinion leader in a specific field. In the field of online sales, celebrities, well-known bloggers, Internet celebrities, Youtubers, etc. are all included in this range. As long as there are enough fans, they can It can be regarded as KOL, commonly known as the “professional work” is the product of this marketing method.

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