6 key points that affect the ranking of SEO articles! Simple and important

6 key points that affect the ranking of SEO articles! Simple and important

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SEO article ranking has a huge relationship with website traffic. Grasp these 6 key points, even if you don’t know website code, you can quickly improve Google search ranking in an easy way!

Can’t do SEO without code?

This question is absolutely negative!

As of today in 2021, Google has designed AI algorithms to be more and more in line with the work logic of ordinary people. Google hopes that SEO is not a competition for website architecture technology, but a competition for the output of high-quality content.

In order to protect the quality content of creators, Google will not allow programmers to crowd out content creators. After all, Google is full of programming geniuses. They must have a way to prevent this from happening, right!

6 key points that affect the ranking of SEO articles! Simple and important

So basically, as long as you make sure that the website complies with the basic SEO structure, all the next effort should be devoted to content output and optimization, so that crawlers will love your website more and more, and the ranking will get better and better.

(If you don’t know the SEO structure of your website, welcome to contact us, we can do a quick health check for you.)


There are many SEO projects, which ones are effective?

Based on my many years of experience, I think the ratio is:

1. Meta title, meta despriction, OG (30%)
2. The traffic, dwell time, bounce rate of the webpage/article (40%)
3. Seo-related code engineering framework (30%)

Many people focus too much on code optimization, but forget that the essence of Google search is to provide people with “useful content”, so the first two items are the most important, not only relatively easy, but also more effective!


6 key points of SEO articles

1. Meta title and meta description that meet the search requirements

If these two items are not set, the SEO of the article will definitely lose blood.

Be sure to remember to set these two items, and try to include the key keywords in the first 25 words. If the title and description can mention the keywords, it will be considered as highly relevant. But don’t stack too much, repeatedly stacking keywords, you may be punished instead!

(Extended reading: Can adding keywords to web SEO descriptions (Meta Description) improve rankings? )


2. Each article and page should be at least 600-1200 words, and the format of the article with both pictures and texts

Articles and pages on each page should not have too few words, and at least one picture should be included, otherwise it may be judged that the content is insufficient.

According to my experience, usually an article with 600-800 words and 1 picture will have a good SEO effect. If you have more in-depth content, 1000-1200 words are also possible.

Attach more than 2-4 pictures or videos, so that Google thinks that your content is rich and good, which can further improve the SEO effect, but pay attention to the file size and size of the picture must be compressed, otherwise the file will become too big. Points will be deducted if the page loading is too heavy.


3. Complete alt settings, small files and fast loading pictures

The alt of a picture is very easy to be forgotten, but this is an important basis for google’s picture search.

Alt means alternative, which means that when the picture becomes invalid, Google will display alt as a substitute. Images can also set relevant keywords to improve the overall relevance of the article. In addition, the pictures must be compressed, do not upload several megabytes of large pictures, which will make the pictures very slow! It is best to have an image size of 200kb or less, and the image should not exceed 1000px in width to speed up the loading speed!


4. Clean code such as font size, title h1, URL: etc.

Usually the complete blog structure will automatically bring in the code of <h1>-<h6>.

Note that there can only be one <h1>, which is the main title of the article. If you have not set the meta title, Google will usually grab <h1> to replace the meta title, so it is also very important.

As for <h2> to <h6>, it’s usually just fine, don’t spend too much time here. The font size is based on the audience’s reading experience. The easier it is to read, the better the article quality will be. The URL should be set in English as much as possible, at least without garbled characters.


5. UX/UI compatible with mobile phone board and computer version reading (especially mobile phone experience)

More than 70% of modern people use mobile phones to surf the Internet, so any aspect of the website should be based on the experience of the mobile phone community as much as possible. So maybe your article is easy to read on the computer board, but if the reading experience on the mobile phone board is poor, Many points will definitely be deducted. So now there are many RWDs (Responsive Web Pages) appearing just to satisfy the users of mobile phone boards.


6. Continuous updates

Continuous frequency of update frequency is important, updating too many articles at one time may be considered cheating by Google, and if the website is not updated for too long, Google will think that this is an unmaintained website. It is best to update 1-2 articles a week “at least” to ensure the quality of google’s scores. If you have spare time to update daily, it can build a good relationship with search engines.

Master the above 6 key points, you can quickly improve SEO scores without touching the code, but if the website can’t basically meet the above 6 functions, then you must quickly find a website engineer to optimize, otherwise you will no longer be serious about producing articles. The content is invalid!


When will the website see obvious SEO effects?

Next, everyone will have questions: “I have done all of the above! How many articles and how long will it take to see the effect?”

I can answer directly here, according to the impact of website weight on SEO: at least 50 articles, 4 months to develop the website, you can see the basic effect!


Website weight, as the name implies, is the weight of the website.

The heavier the website weight, the more google will pay attention to you. Not only will the frequency of sending crawlers to crawl your website increase, but also the efficiency of ranking improvement and general ranking will be better.

Based on my experience, if you want to make everyone “feel”,

To increase the weight of the website, the most direct conditions are: the number of article pages should be large, and the website should be operated for a long enough time.


a. The number of article pages should be more: at least 50-70

The number of articles written or page productions must be at least 50-70, and it will be obvious that organic traffic is beginning to be imported, and certain keywords will start to be searched.

From the top of GA, we can see random traffic (organic search), and Google search console can also start to record the exposure and clicks of some keywords.


b. The website must be operated for a long enough time: at least 4 months

Time is another important factor in the weight of a website, because Google tends to worry about whether the new website is a scam or unsafe website…etc.

So even if your website has hundreds of articles at the beginning, the ranking will not be good, because Google is worried that everyone will use this to cheat traffic, and the search results will be content farms, so it can filter out bad websites. , Is a very practical approach.

This is also the reason why everyone says that Google’s ranking has a senior-age system.

According to my comprehensive time experience of operating many websites, the results will gradually appear after about 4 months.

However, as time grows, the senior education system will become less and less obvious. Instead, whose website content is richer, solid, and correct, and whose website has more backlinks (representing the ones recommended by everyone) Degree, authority establishment), whoever will have a better ranking.

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