10 Things to check before purchasing web hosting
10 Things to check before purchasing web hosting

10 Things to check before purchasing web hosting

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If you want to choose a good web hosting for your business then first of all you need to understand your business requirements then go for web hosting.

First you need to clear all your questions about which things you actually need in a hosting package like you need a cpanel or direct admin you need a domain or how much storage do you need etc…

10 Things to check before purchasing web hosting
10 Things to check before purchasing web hosting

So we created a list of top 10 things to check before purchasing a web hosting.

10 Things to check before purchasing web hosting

1. First time purchase Vs Renewal cost

Always before purchasing any hosting package check the first price and then the renewal because many companies offer hosting packages at a very cheap price at first and then at renewal time they charge almost double the amount.

So always check the renewal cost and first price if both are perfect for you then follow other 9 steps and then select that hosting otherwise don’t go with that hosting company.

2. Support

Always check the support system of that hosting company before purchasing a hosting package so if in future you face any issues then the support team should be able to resolve all your questions and queries as soon as possible with the best solutions.

3. Back-up/Security

Always check hosting company back-up and security features because online threats can destroy your whole data. In that case if you don’t have website backup then hosting companies can help you from their end if they are using daily backup features so this is a very important thing to keep in mind while purchasing hosting.

4. Uptime and Downtime

If you don’t want to lose your website traffic and customers then must check hosting provider company uptime and downtime if that company provides 99.9% uptime with less down time then you can go with that hosting company but if that company has high down time then your visitors see blank page or errors and your website not load properly so you will lose your traffic.

5. Terms and Conditions

Always check the terms and conditions of the hosting company. Also, you can check other necessary pages if you are comfortable with their policies, then go with them but in case you didn’t read them and if you violate any policy or rule, then it can cause trouble, so always check company policies.

6. Reviews and Rating

Reviews and rating is the most important factor because people always rate companies according to their services, good or bad, so you must check reviews and ratings of that company so that you can select the best service provider.

7. Price and Package comparison

As you know there are tons of hosting companies in market who claims that they are best service provider so if you are confused in this question that which is best for you then you can check and compare different-different hosting companies packages and pricing that in which price what they are providing whats type of features you are going to get so it help you alot.

8. Domain

Everyone loves freebies with products and companies know it very well so many companies offer free domains with hosting packages so research on it to find a perfect plan for yourself because it’s going to save you a lot of money.

9. Refund Policy

This thing is very important. Suppose you are unsatisfied with that hosting provider company and you want to move to another hosting company then if they have a refund policy then you can easily cancel your plan and you can move with another hosting provider.

10. Cpanel

All hosting provider companies offer different platforms to manage your hosting package like cpanel, direct admin etc.. but let me tell you this thing comes free with hosting package but if any company is charging an external amount then don’t go with them.

Final Words,

Companies always give you big promises but you need to be aware of which features you will get in your price range and choose right for you and many people don’t have enough knowledge about hosting and all so because of it we create top 10 things to keep in mind before purchasing web hosting so that you can always get a better deal.

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