EasyFi – Made In India Crypto Currency
EasyFi – Made In India Crypto Currency

EasyFi – Made In India Crypto Currency

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Founded on August 2020 by two well known crypto experts of India Ankitt Gaur & Anshul Dhir, EasyFi became a rapidly growing token in no time thanks to it’s low transaction fees compared to Ethereum.

Based on layer two of Ethereum platform MATIC this project is giving best alternative options to buyers and sellers due to it’s low transaction fees. As seen few months back Ethereum transaction were charging upto $250 fees even if we just send $100, making us pay more fee than the actual amount. And the time it took to complete a single transaction was beyond belief.

During such time came EasyFi, proving to be more market friendly with the low transaction fees, and speedy confirmation of every token sent, it started becoming more and more popular.

Currant value & Total Supply

Currently trading around $19.84 is all thanks to the well established platforms that Ankitt & Anshul have made. With just the total supply of 10 million, investors are eyeing big for this coin.

Many birds has it that this coin will easily touch $200 mark in the coming months.

Already listed on Binance & WazirX with more and trusted platforms on the way, EasyFi has really made an impact in Crypto world.

Integration on Binance Smart Chain

Previously it was just on ERC20 network, but on 25th March 2021 they have Integrated their entire project on BEP20 giving a boost to the value of token and informing to all that EasyFi is here for the longer and massive run.

Yield Farmin To Earn Easy Token

The Double Farming feature on their platform is also to talk about here. We can easily farm EasyFi token on their site, and will also receive interest on the coins that we are holding in the wallet service provided by EasyFi network.

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