Best Ad Networks for New Url Shortener and Downloading Websites
Best Ad Networks for New Url Shortener and Downloading Websites

Best Ad Networks for New Url Shortener and Downloading Websites

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A Url Shortener website like Shrinkme, Adfly pays you money for every people who click on the link you shorten. But why?

Best Ad Networks for New Url Shortener and Downloading Websites

Because these type of websites uses different ad networks with 1-2 pages for a person to visit. And with those ads they generate revenue and from that revenue they give people some profit (cpm) as a commision for sharing & getting clicks on the link.

Which ad Networks to use if you own a Url Shortener site or thinking to start?( Heading 2)

There are a big bunch of ad networks available on internet. Some provide high CPM, most of the ad networks use CPC, PPC & CPA. But for a Url Shortener site you should use an ad network which provides CPM (Cost per Miles). And according to the CPM rate you get from an ad network you give a particular amount of CPM you want to give to your Registered Users.

Top 3 Best Ad Networks for A Shorten and Earn Url Shortener website for a KickStart: (Heading 3)

  1. Propeller Ads: (Highlight This)
    Propeller ads is widely used ad network for this type of php sites.
    Their multitag is more famous. Most of the url shortener sites use this ad network for floating and pop up ad units. This units have basic amount of CPM. Suitable for a new website offering less CPM.
  2. Google Adsense:(Highlight This)
    Getting an Google Adsense approval on such sites is very lucky for a person who owns this site. You can get a really good CPM & CPC revenue if you get adsense approval. Most of the url shortener sites don’t get approval of Adsense. But if you get you are lucky enough & to get approval it is said that
    you must have an old as well as clean adsense account to do so.
    You can offer really high CPM if you have a Google Adsense Approval.
  3. Yllix/Affilist: (Highlight this)
    Most of the url shortener websites uses this ad networks in beginning. But Why? Just because this network offers a low Minimum Payout of 1$. And that’s really good for those websites who offer daily payouts. But remember this website offers good CPC , but their CPM is not that high. But you offer very low CPM in your site then go for this network. This website requires no approval! And instant payouts.

    Warning: (Highlight This)
    These ad networks are not sponsored. And yes these ad networks are useful for those who have just started (OR) thinking to start this type of site. You can always do experiments as soon as you become professional in ad network optimization on your website.
    If you want to offer high CPM to your users you must also try high CPM native ad networks like adskeeper and many more.

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