The Most Important Things to Do After Installing WordPress
The Most Important Things to Do After Installing WordPress

The Most Important Things to Do After Installing WordPress

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So you have finished installing WordPress on your site and are thinking about what to do next. You may be thinking about installing plugins or starting to work on publishing content to your site.

But wait…

There are other things to do on the backend of your WordPress site before you start any work on the front end.

Imagine, you’ve just purchased a new mobile phone. Do you start using it, as it is, right out of the box? No, of course not. Because you want your contacts, your photos, and other personal information on your new phone. A new WordPress install is similar to our phone analogy.

The fundamental technical aspects of any site, whether big or small, WordPress or Drupal are the same.

The Most Important Things to Do After Installing WordPress

These following checklist details 15 items that lay the foundation for your website to be easily found, improve your SEO and maintain appearance across all of your brand channels.

  1. First and the most Impostant cure of WordPress site is keeping things up-to-date. that includes themes, plugins installed on your WordPress website should be up-to-date for the latest version, Also always verify that you’re installing the right theme and plugin from it’s official publisher’s be aware of fake plugins and themes publishers this may lead for getting your site hacked by hackers

Make sure that you’ve installed latest version of WordPress Application on your website, Today 11 March 2020 the latest version of WordPress is 5.3.2 surely you’re reading this article in future So that make sure to check latest release on Official WordPress release page Releases

2. Now once you/ve everything up-to-date on your website the second inportant part is setting up your WordPress site properly. to do this follow the instructions below.

Login to your WordPress admin Dashboard and hover or click the Settings option from Left menu and once you do just bside you’ll see General option you’ll be there by default nothing to with it. Now look at general settings page carefully .

Firstly set your websites prefered language from the dropdown.

Now just below you’ll have to set your Timezone so that your site reporting functionality will work smooth and fine.

Now onward you’ll see Date format settings you can select your prefered Date format. Simularly just below there’s time format option same as Date format you can se your prefered format for time as well.

Okey now you’re almost done for the general settings the last option will ask your week start day. that means you can set right Day of weekstart it may differ according to your geo location and nation.

You’re all set, Now your site is ready to GO.

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Final Thoughts

While it’s tempting to go for the instant gratification of immediately getting content to your site, with a little more planning your site will have improved your SEO, become more user-friend and be backed up should the worst happen.

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